Better Food, Easier in Evergreen, CO. One steak at a time.

The Lazy Butcher difference:

We are direct partners with all sources. We are owners of the cattle ranch our beef comes from, we raise our own hogs and work closely with the lamb farmers, and we are working with our poultry farmers to change outdated Colorado regulations that favor giant corporate factory farms.

At The Lazy Butcher,

we believe in using every part of the animal; we let nothing from the hide to the bones go to waste. Because of this belief, we take extra time and care in our whole animal butchery, resulting in a better end product.

Grocery stores

go through a high volume of only a few cuts of meat so, they tend to receive only specific parts of each animal. This means much of the animal goes into ground meat or to rendering food processing plants. This is referred to as wasteful consumption.

It not only dishonors the animals but also drives up prices and creates a lot of unnecessary waste that contributes to global climate change. Grocery stores only care about the red line, the profit. They aren’t concerned with the animals' well-being, the ranch's practices, or how you eat affects you. In our opinion, that’s just flat-out wrong. You are what you eat, and what you eat eats.


As a small local business in Evergreen

we can spend more time with each guest. We want you to grow, learn, and to get everything you need from us.

Our goal is to expose people to new cuts of meat and cooking techniques and help educate them about farming practices.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Lazy Butcher is to provide a friendly and easily accessible platform for those looking to change and improve how they source animal protein. It will take changing the industry, one steak at a time. Not spending your dollar is not the answer, but spending it differently. We work hard to positively change the meat industry in any way we can. The world is currently looking at the meat industry through a magnifying glass. It is finally seeing all the disturbing things about the industry, forgetting to focus on the positive. Small ranchers, farmers, processors, and butcher shops are coming back. People no longer want mass-produced meat. Instead, they want well-raised animals that are good for them.