Our Prices

We carry a premium product, and our prices reflect the quality. However, we are constantly trying our hardest and doing our best to keep our prices at a reasonable and accessible price tag. 

We care about our farmers just as much as we care about our guests. Because of this, our farmers see more of each dollar they spend with us than anywhere else. When you spend at a grocery store, typically only 1-3 pennies of each dollar return to the farmer. With us, more than half your dollar goes directly to Colorado local farmers. And once you try our products, you will see what makes them unique.


At The Lazy Butcher,

we also believe in paying our staff more fairly for our work and service. Butchery is a hard job and takes many hours and immense dedication. Not everyone can do it, and because of that, we pay our staff everything we can to help provide a comfortable life.
Work with us!