Our Local Partners in Colorado

We are direct partners with all sources.

We are part owners of the cattle ranch our beef comes from, we know our hog and lamb farmers, and we are working with our poultry farmers to change outdated Colorado regulations that favor giant corporate factory farms.At The Lazy Butcher, we proudly partner with local Colorado ranches to provide beef, lamb, and hogs. Our poultry comes from Culver Duck Farms and Miller Poultry via Seattle Fish Co.

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Lazy Acre Beef represents Colorado. We source 100% Colorado Angus and exclusively support Colorado families, businesses, and Ranches.

100% Colorado Black Angus.

Our 5th generation family ranch provides naturally raised Beef to Colorado Residents and Restaurants.

We pride ourselves in never treating our cows with growth hormones or antibiotics.



Owner/founders Clint and MaryKay Buckner, like their livestock and their two spirited young farmhands, Amelia and Levi, were raised in the fresh, high altitude air and vibrant sunshine unique to Colorado. Here, in the foothills of the Front Range, their love of community-focused, farm-to-table farming and ranching took root.

HOGS: Black and Gold Family Farms

BGFF is a family-owned-and-operated, farrow-to-finish Berkshire pig farm located in Akron, CO. By being pasture centered, our Berks enjoy the fresh outdoors 365 days a year and socialize with their peers as nature intended. They constantly wander around their multiple-acre paddocks, where they have access year-round to a creek, shade from trees, and Port-A-Hut shelters if they so desire.
Every six months, we rotate our Berks to different paddocks throughout our 160 acres of pasture and cropland, where they get a variety of grasses, wheat, barley, rye, clover, and chicory that we plant. We supplement their pasture diet daily with a few pounds of wheat and roasted soybean-based feed that a swine nutritionist has specially formulated. This ration helps enhance the overall flavor of the meat.
We pride ourselves on being 100% drug-free, which means we never use antibiotics, hormones, steroids, or any kind of drugs. All of our pigs are raised in a stress-free, healthy environment.

DUCK: Culver Duck Farms via Seattle Fish Co

Culver Duck Farm is the only duck farm in North America to have earned the American Humane Certification. Our ducks are humanely raised through industry-leading practices, and the result is a lean and delicious product for the home cook and leading chef alike.

We began as a family-operated hatchery in 1858 and continue to maintain our commitment to peak standards of animal welfare, sustainability, and technological innovation.


CHICKEN: Miller Poultry via Seattle Fish Co

At Miller Poultry, we’ve been raising local chicken with the help of farmers in Michigan and Indiana since 1974. Our barns are certified by the Global Animal Partnership to ensure strict animal welfare standards are in place, and we do our best to source our feed ingredients from local farmers to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure our chickens are fed a corn and soy-based diet with no antibiotics, hormones, steroids or artificial ingredients.