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Is your beef Grass-fed?

Our beef is pasture-raised, and grain access is finished. 6-7 cows come onto 1 acre to finish. They continue to have grass access and access to troughs with grains we grow and no corn. This creates a higher-quality end product for you. It is healthy for the cows; they are never force-fed or feedlot-finished.

Do you have Butcher boxes?

Yes! Please browse our site for all our products.

Do you deliver and/ or ship?

We ship direct from the ranch. Check out shoplazyacrebeef.com or ask us for more details

Are your products organic?

Some of our items are certified organic. Some follow organic practices but can’t be labeled organic because not all farms in the area follow organic regulations.

Doesn’t freezing meat ruin it?

 No. When you freeze meat properly, it preserves the meat exactly as it is, so you can always have top-notch meals. We always recommend consuming frozen items within 6 months of the freeze date. Longer-term storage than this time does degrade texture and nutrients. Here are some great links on long-term freezer storage. For our full freezer guide, head to our blog or the  USDA freezing page other articles:

Where are your products from?

The Lazy Butcher does its best to source locally. The majority of our products are sourced in Colorado. Anything outside of Colorado is the best quality. For details on each of our partner ranches, please head to our partner's page.

Can I buy in person or only online?

Our current in-person shopping days are Wednesday - Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm. All other days are online pick-up only.

Are your products Frozen?

Some items are frozen to retain freshness. You can specify whether you want fresh or frozen items when placing an order.

Where are you located? / Hours of Operation?

We are at 3719 Evergreen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439. Our hours of operation are 11 am to 6 pm Wednesday through Saturday.

How do I cook XYZ cut of meat?

We would love to help you cook the perfect cut of meat! Please check out our blog to see if we have a video on what you want. If not, please contact us during store hours so we can guide you.

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Our main goal after providing the best meat possible to our customers is EDUCATION!

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